The Most Dangerous Selfies Ever Taken

The Most Dangerous Selfies Ever Taken

Top 10 of the craziest selfie photos taken in the face of immediate danger.
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If there’s anything we love doing more than taking pictures of places and things, it’s taking pictures of ourselves. Over the last several years it seems as if the whole ‘selfie’ phenomenon has reached epic proportions. Of course, the whole selfie fad isn’t really new. Since the creation of the camera, people have been snapping pictures of themselves. In the 19th century, light exposure cameras allowed the first photographer to capture their own image on film. As cameras became smaller and more numerous, those who could afford them tried taking self-portraits using mirrors. Hand-held cameras then allowed us to snap a pic of ourselves and friends using just one hand – a major step forward in selfie technology.
Of course, because film needed time to develop, you never knew exactly how your selfie would turn out and you’d have to snap a bunch of pics to make sure you got the right one. Today, with social media and the fact virtually everyone who carries a smartphone has a camera with the ability to quickly upload images, selfies have become the norm. It’s an art form which has gone through quite the transformation over the past few years. First it was the bathroom mirror selfie. You probably know these as they involved someone in front of their mirror making some weird pose or ridiculous face. Often, they would forget to turn off the flash making an already bad picture worse. Then there was the high angle selfie where people looked way up at their camera making things seem out of proportion and create a more flattering image. If you are a girl, throw in a little duck-face. If you are a guy, how about a tough macho pose? Then, post it on Facebook and secretly hope a lot of people ‘like’ it and comment on how good you look.
Beyond the everyday Joes, selfies have found their way into celebrity and political culture as well. At first it was a novelty to see a shot of a famous movie star shooting a picture of themselves with their camera phone. Now some celebrities do it so much it’s become a little boring. When political leaders post a selfie pic it usually creates a buzz. That’s because we think of our leaders as serious men and women who are hard at work making big decisions that affect the country and world. When we see our presidents and prime ministers in selfie shots it makes them seem more normal and, sometimes, more immature.
To be honest, most selfies are rather tame and usually just have a person or two standing there posing or in front of some sort of backdrop. Where’s the drama? Where’s the excitement? As you’ll see in the following video, there are some selfie takers who bring the whole practice to a dangerous new level. There’s no awkward duck-face poses or bathroom mirror shots here. New worlds, dangerous animals, lack of safety equipment and extreme heights are all characteristics which make the following selfies so dangerous.

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