How K-Pop & Selfies Transformed Plastic Surgery | AJ+

How K-Pop & Selfies Transformed Plastic Surgery | AJ+

In South Korea, one in three women under 30 has had plastic surgery — most often to enlarge their eyes, and now to slim their faces too. It’s a trend that’s influenced by selfie apps like Snow and Facetune, and K-pop stars like SixBomb and Kwanghee. And now Americans are also taking part.

Untold America travels to Seoul, South Korea, to tour a plastic surgery clinic in Gangnam, talk to a Korean feminist fighting the country’s rigid beauty standards with the Escape the Corset movement, and interview a young American who flew from New York to have V-line surgery in Seoul.

Please note that there is a brief shot of plastic surgery footage in this piece which might be disturbing to some viewers.

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