Horror Short Film | Selfies Gone Wrong

Horror Short Film |  Selfies Gone Wrong

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This is the Directors Cut of our 2015 original short film, which hit over 1 million views on YouTube. Check out the original at this link


A selfie is a picture that one has taken of oneself, usually one is taken with a smartphone and is shared via social media.
In order to take a quality selfie you should always:

Written and Directed by Bradley J. Walkowiak

Director of Photography – Kara Sambrick

Broken Clock Entertainment presents

“Selfies” aka “Selfies Gone Wrong”

Make sure the angle is good

Show off the new purse you just bought

Always show off your assets

Focus on your best feature

Don’t be afraid to show off the duck face

Avoid photo bombers

All about the angles

Self Awareness

But…when you are more concerned about the quality of your selfie than your surroundings…bad things can happen…

Cast Jordan Streussnig, Bradley Walkowiak, Elizabeth C. Henderson, Sean McNeilly

Location: Southside Works in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

There are so many bridges in the city of Pittsburgh

After opening a new YouTube Channel, we wanted to show one of our earlier projects.
This version we did not use copyrighted music. I recommend all do the same

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