Horror Short Film – Selfies Gone Wrong 2

Horror Short Film – Selfies Gone Wrong 2

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Broken Clock Entertainment presents “Selfies 2”

Written and Directed by Bradley J. Walkowiak

Director of Photography – Kara Sambrick

Angela Billanti, Kevin Limongi, Sean McNeilly, Dani Limongi, Brad Walkowiak

A selfie is a picture that one has taken of oneself, usually one is taken with a smartphone and is shared via social media.
In order to take a quality selfie you should always:

Know where and who you are sending it to

Don’t be afraid to make a silly or sexy face

Make sure you keep it together and don’t let the selfie picture take control of your mind and life.

What ever you do don’t go into the basement

This bitch be crazy man

Her phone really warped her mind, she lost it, she’s gone

Hot girls sending and taking selfies is awesome, but you need to be careful

These poor people were just trying to party and have a good time, talk about a real party pooper

Halloween only comes once a year, but a there’s always time for a good horror film

No there are no ghosts or big jump scares in this short, just real messed up people doing real messed up things. Plus aren’t there already too many supernatural horror films out there?

This film is meant to mess with the audiences mind, if you rewatch it, you will see clues and signs that she is crazy from the beginning

The girl and party are both in the same house. Pay attention when she is drinking her wine, she is already looking at the dead bodies.

Sex, drugs and alcohol, the perfect combination to getting yourself killed and murdered.

I hope this give you nightmares.

Be careful of tinder and stuff like that, this could happen to you

Filmed in Pittsburgh, PA 2017