15 Times Safaris Have Gone Wrong And Caught On Camera

15 Times Safaris Have Gone Wrong And Caught On Camera

Ever since I was a kid, I always dreamed of going on a safari to witness how wildlife lived in their natural habitat. Well, after seeing some safaris gone wrong, I have changed my mind. Whether it is a huge rhino or a lion, getting attacked by any of these beasts is a scary thought not worth experiencing.

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Leopard Attacks Safari

Leopards are amazing hunters. They hunt by themselves and they are extremely stealthy. In this clip, a BBC film crew is shooting a documentary and they spot a leopard relaxing on a tree. The problem is the leopard spots them and decides it’s time to let the film crew know they’re filming without its permission, so he charges the vehicle and we hear some yelling, but then the leopard walks away. In our next clip, a leopard chases a few vehicles and manages to jump on them. We see a pic of a safari guide holding the leopard by the collar.

I guess all these people coming into its territory irritates the leopard. Maybe the leopards want some privacy. Our next clip shows a bunch of cheetahs enjoying their time, relaxing on a safari truck, with one cheetah jumping into the truck. It seems to me like it is free for all. This next clip shows a vicious leopard attack a ranger and manages to jump inside the vehicle and do some major damage. You can see the ranger’s bloodied head, so this leopard gave him a few leopard slaps. Check out this leopard lunging out of a house and onto a man knocking the man down. Fortunately for the man, the leopard does not continue the attack, but the man must have had the scare of his life.

Rhino Attacks Safari

Rhinos are not normally aggressive animals, but I guess if they feel disturbed, they must not be easy to deal with. Just watch how upset this rhino is when he attacks this small blue car. The rhino chases the car down the hill. Our next rhino is even more volatile. He decides to give this car a nice tumbling ride by turning it over several times like it was playing “rocket’s socket robots”. You can say the car was messed up after this incident. Do not think rhinos are slow. Just look at these rhinos chasing vehicles in the open field.

They are fast and powerful, so you do not want to get in their way. The rhinos’ horn can pierce through almost anything, so beware. When you see a rhino standing a few meters away from your vehicle and staring you down, I think it is a good time to go. Why do people stay there and wait for something to happen? It also seems like the rhinos are quite smart because often they aim for the tires, so they know the wheels are what keep the vehicle moving. That is pretty smart for such primitive-looking animals.